Monday, 2 November 2009

I get mail

I got an email from my friend Adam. It seems Blogger has a limit of so many characters when commenting, so Adam emailed it to me. I reprint his essay here:

i live in the same paranoid world as glenn beck.

if 20% of what glenn beck reports is true (it is) then the american media should be fired
(they should). the main stream media is in decline (do i smell a bailout coming?) and since
they are all libs they cant figure out why. supply and demand. their news sucks. its not
objective. so people dont buy it. but i digress.

some live in the united states. me.
some do not. the truscotsman

the current administration is not kidding. they are trying to fundamentally transform
the united states. if we could only be like britain. post Christian. where liberties vanish without
a whimper. where the narcissitic secular population cant even be bothered to sustain their
society by having children. (been nice knowin you) where you could shoot one of the 20 billions
cameras that surveil you. if you had a gun.

everyone worships something. even the atheist has fervently held beliefs even if
they are negative beliefs. a secular society believes in something. and the american
left have filled the vacuum with government. it is naive to underestimate their passion
to these ends.

is it a mere coincidence that we face the loss of liberty and our society is more secular
than ever? is it a coincidence that europe is more secular than america and has
even less liberty left than we do?

the truscotsman is a decent guy. but thats nota good enough foundation for a liberty
preserving system of government. american liberty is rooted in theism, specifcally Christianity.

its impossible to overestimate the contributions of Christian thought to america.
written constitutions, secret ballot, seperation of church and state and seperation
of powers were all born of puritan (Christian) practice.

"of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and
morality are indespensable supports" george washington

"it is impossible to govern rightly without God and the Bible" g. washington

"can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their
only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that their liberties
are a gift of God?" thomas jefferson

upon travelling to american under commission of the french governemnt to
investigate how so much liberty without anarchy was possible wrote the following
"i do not know if whether all americans have a sincere faith in their religion, for who
can know the human heart? but i am certain that they hold it indespensable for
the maintenance of republic institutions. this opinion is not peculair to a class
of citiznes or to a party, but it belongs to the whole rank of society." america is
"the place where the Christian religion has kept the greatest power over mens souls.
and nothing better demonstrates how useful and natural it is to man, since the country
where it is now has the widest sway is both the most enlightened and the freest."

sam adams wrote "the right of freedom being a gift of God almighty.....the rights of the
colonists as Christians....may be best understood be reading and studying the institutes
of the Great Law Giver....."

adams fellow revolutionary, james otis, published the following: certainly there must be a compact
(between men for government) but for the compact to have any solid foundation it must be planted
in the unchangeable will of God, the author of nature, whose laws never change......the power of
God almighty is the only pwer that can properly and strictly be called supreme and
absolute. in the order of nature immediately under Him comes the power of simple
democracy, or the power of the whole over the whole. subordiante to both these
are all other political powers.

to end the quoting that could go on for some time, our nation and liberties are founded
in the fact that real equality among peoples is a Christian notion. and the further away
we move from that fact the further away we move from our founding and freedoms.

and this is why america is failing now. progressives believes rights are distributed by the
government. the same government with which they have replaced God, and as such
they feel allowed to remove those rights from the general public. its no accident that
the left works towards the "europeization" of america because it means necessarily
destroying what america was founded on.

without a higher lawgiver the state is the highest moral authority and the rights and
liberties are no longer inalienable but have become subject to the government which
gives and takes them as they please.

when political power rather than the "God of nature" becomes the decider of law and rights
we risk assuming the founders definition of tyranny.

consider our first amendment. it was meant to protect the right to free expression and
exercise or religion. today it has been bastardized to mean exactly the opposite of its
original intent being used to removed prayer and the ten commandments from school etc.

law accountable only to secular authorities become pliable by whomever is in power.

this problem mirrors the atheist belief that society is a good source of morality, despite the
fact that society has been so bad at it over the years. like morality,if liberty is based on
subjective authority, given human nature, weve got little chance of retaining it.

the father of the american constitution, james madison, said "we have staked the whole
future of the american civilization not upon the power of the governemnt, far from it. we have
staked the future...upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control
ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the ten commandments of God."

if the truscotsman believes that american liberty is not under assualt he is wrong.

if the truscotsman believes that american liberty's inalienability is not founded in God he is


  1. If I assume you are referring to a "Christian" a someone who believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ, then how can you say the US is a Christian Nation? The UK has a much better claim to that; with the head of state also being the head of the Christian Church of England, Bishops in the government and Christian state schools.

    If you mean that certain principal values ("written constitutions, secret ballot, seperation of church and state and seperation
    of powers") are Christian values then I would accept the claim that US is, in that respect, Christian. However I would argue with you that these values are exclusively Christian.

    Question for you Adam.

    1. Apart from the dating notation, in which US founding document is there mention of the terms Jesus, Christ or Christian. God of course is mentioned in at least 2 parts (Natures God and a man's rights coming from his creator - notice it is not "The" creator but "his" own personal creator.)

    2. How does "You shall have no other Gods before me" tally with "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or protecting the free exercise thereof". These are contradictory statements. If the Christian God demands exclusivity, why allow freedom of conscience?

    Surely the government gains its powers from the people? (Of the people, for the people etc) and I totally agree that power corrupts but that is why democracy is the least worse system of govt. It holds the rulers to account.

    What would you prefer, a Theocracy? Mandatory Christian protestant prayer in schools and government departments? Why not Mormon prayers or Scientology e-meter readings etc.

    I admire the fact you have a "Wall of seperation between Church and State" to quote Jefferson. I wish we had that here.

  2. PART 1

    i will post in a couple parts since i am such a blow hard and cant seem to keep it under 5000 characters.

    a belief in the divinity of Christ is a qualifier, but not the only one, for a Christian.

    i did not say the US was a Christian nation. are there Christians in it? yes. were the settlers in the new world Christians, i think so. were the founders Christian? many were. is Christiainty the official religion of the US? no. is Jesus' name mentioned in our founding documents? i dont believe ive ever claimed that it is.

    i said american liberty is rooted in theism, specifically, Christianity because so many of the founders were Christian and God grants our equallness and liberty.

    I suppose its all a matter of definition...calling the UK a Christian nation is like callig me an xbox player. its sitting around here somewhere, i just dont use it anymore.

    I dont agree that "you shall have no other Gods before me" and our 1st amendment are contradictory. one is a prescription from God as head of a theocratic nation, isreal, and the other a limit on a governing body in a republic. am i as a Christian prohibited in america from having "no other Gods" but Jehovah because the US congress has decided that islam is the official religion of america? no i am protected and allowed to honor God first. instead of a contradiction the 2 statements can work hand in hand. God demands exclusivity from his followers but no obligation to become a follower in the first place.

    I agree that the government should get its power from the people in that the governement is supposed to be subserviant to the people instead of ruling over them. at least this was the original intent of our government. which is a constitutional republic, by the way.

    i like the idea of the system that we are supposed to have, but dont, i guess. no rstriction on religion or the exercise thereof. if the population is Christian and the parents are in favour, why shouldnt the kids be praying in school? if your child was the lone muslim in the class i would support your right to exclude them of course. a sort of democracy without coersion i suppose. im not sure about how the system would look if i was in total control.

  3. PART 2

    interestingly enough, johns adams (whom you will never meet watching hbo special) in the massechusetts constitution which he cheifly authored, obliged each local jurisdiction to pay for schooling in the protestant religion. some objected and adams basically told them if you want the law-abiding that religion affords you (back to tocqueville) youve got to pay for it.

    our 1st amendment says congress shall make no law "respecting" the establishment of religion. this means no law one way or the other. congress could not ban a state from doing so, nor could it promote it.

    i dont know for sure, but im not sure youve got the right idea about our wall of separation. government and the church should remain separate to protect the church from the state and to prohibit the state from deciding what religion is good for all. as you likely know, you can scan our constitution for this wall, and you wont locate it. the idea as it prevails today, that all trace of religion (Christianity anyway) must be scrubbed from the public square flies in the face of our founding and our history. as president jefferson had church service held in the capital building and sent the marine band over to provide the music every sunday.

    this is all sort of distracting from my orginal point of rebuttal to your ridicule of glenn beck. like morality or anything else for that matter, if man or government is the only measure of liberty or law, youve got a subjective standard that cannot be appealed to as long as enough fellow men have a difference of opinion. those men can remove your liberties from you.

    you see, our founding fathers understood that the only society that could maintain liberty and a government that was as small a possible was a society of people that were "self governing" out of duty to someone higher than the government itself.

    is it just to take peoples money against there will and give it to those who dont earn it? of course not. but what is justice in a Godless framework?